I use physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation to help muscles, joints and nerves (the musculoskeletal system) function to their full potential recover from injury. With treatment and correct exercise rehabilitation I can help your horse achieve optimal performance.

I can visit and see your horse in person, if you live in my travel area OR

I can plan rehab programmes with you, individualised for your horse, any where in the world. 

Back Pain is unfortunately very common in horses and it is the most frequent reason I get called to visit people.  In my visit I will look to identify the cause, assess for the pain and structures involved and then treat with a range of physiotherapy options

After treatment, as well as supporting you to manage the cause, each horse is prescribed specific exercises to ensure that improvements are maintained

If your horse has been diagnosed with kissing spines, or has been referred for physiotherapy after surgery, I can help horse’s that I see face-to-face, or help you with the rehab programme via online support 

Reducing pain, improving posture, regaining movement and developing strength are the keys for all horses with kissing spines

Muscle pain can have a big affect on your horse’s performance. This can be treated with physiotherapy and if I am not seeing your horse in person, I can help you manage and reduce the risk of muscle pain through well designed training programmes

I can treat tendon and ligament injuries with physiotherapy and can plan rehab programmes with you, individualised for your horse, any where in the world.

If you would like to know whether your horse is comfortable, and has the ability to perform to their full potential, then booking a check up is a great idea.  I see client’s horses at different times of the year, depending on their exercise and competition levels.  

The harder your horses works the more often I would see them as part of their routine management.  Problems picked up earlier are easier to treat and manage on an on going basis